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ICESUN Vacuum Glass LTD. is a leading company who has been dedicated to producing vacuum glass products for many years. Our main products contain Tempered vacuum glass (TVG) for passive room, vacuum hollow composite glass for freezer, vacuum laminated glass for curtain wall, vacuum solar composite glass and so on.

ICESUN VACUUM GLASS LTD. is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Our company has a professional R & D team in Beijing and Zhengzhou, including 5 academicians and over 100 researchers. We have R & D, sales centers in Beijing and Zhengzhou, sales offices in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Hunan, North America, Europe and professional production base in Mengzhou, Zhengzhou, Henan.

Through overseas customer testing, ICESUN tempered vacuum glass has superb insulation performance. The insulation performa'ce of 12.4mm tempered vacuum glass is better than 1.5 meter thick brick wall, and 10 times better than conventional insulating glass which is known as double glazing, and the life span is 5 times as much as conventional insulating glass.

In 2001, the first generation of vacuum glass products with raised tail was invented and applied for Chinese invention patent. In 2003, the second generation of flat-sealed tempered vacuum glass products was invented and obtained Chinese and American invention patents. At present, the third generation of all-plane tempered vacuum glass structure without protruding is on market, and the single-layer tempered vacuum glass has a temperature difference of 100℃ inside and outside.

ICESUN's world-first vacuum eye technology allows users easily to find whether the glass seal leaks without any professional instruments.

The mass production of tempered vacuum glass is a worldwide problem. ICESUN has world leading tempered vacuum glass production technology. Tempered vacuum glass is widely applied for doors and windows, curtain walls, freezers, flat solar panels, cars and ships and other fields.

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